Wrote a song

True story. Still trying to figure out how to record it. Might have to pick up a web cam or something.

Chord spacing is messed up. The Em should be above Fourth, etc. I’ll try to fix at some point, but it’s a little tedious.

Liberty Drive

verse 1
I drove down Liberty Drive
Day ‘fore the Fourth of July
Yeah, Independence Day
I nearly lost my way

verse 2
I drove down Liberty Drive
Passed by the BMV
Do they have a thumb scanner yet?
What does that mean to me?

verse 3
I drove down Liberty Drive
Stopped by at Menard’s
Picked up some posts for the deck I’m building
In my back yard

C G C G Walk up to …
I don’t wanna hear any more bad news
Hopin’ and prayin’ we’re not screwed

verse 4
I drove down Liberty Drive
Stopped for a cigarette
I’m not smoking in my car
But that’s by choice and not by threat, yet


verse 1

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