National Debt, Spending, War
Checked the U.S. National Debt Clock: Over $11.5 trillion. That may be out of date, but I doubt it’s gone down. I’m somewhat reassured that my part of it (as one in an estimated 306,542,822 Americans) is only $37,634.05. I mean, that’s pretty heavy, but a trillion is such a big number (excepting stars, atoms, and stuff like that), I expected it to be more. Really, though, when you think of it in terms of the way debts work, like my mortgage or student loan, it could take me 20-30 years to pay that off. On top of (or I guess integrated into) ~30% taxes.

What’s the interest on our loan anyway?
This site says in 2006, it was ~4.6%. Never seen the site before, I have no idea what the interest rate is.

How big is the Military? This is one site’s opinion:

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