Indiana District 9 House Primary

Thoughts on the upcoming district 9 US House primary. Info from The Green Papers:

Democrat choices: Incumbent Baron Hill and John R. Bottorff

Independent choices: Ronnie Joseph “Ron” Kimsey, Jerry R. Lucas

Republican choices:
Travis Hankins – Pretty impressive. Bold, but thoughtful. Very clear stance on key issues.

Former Congressman  Michael E. “Mike” Sodrel – I couldn’t find anything on his stance on the major issues. Poking around, he mentioned he was against ObamaCare, but no summary of his stances that I could find. I find that weird, but in his defence, he has been in Washington and also has had success in the business world, served his country. So he does have an impressive resume.

Rick Warren – Doesn’t get too specific on issues. Seems like a decent guy.

Todd Christopher Young – Also pretty impressive. Marine, lawyer, has been a deputy prosecutor, more stuff. Quite a resume. Pretty strong on the issues as well.

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