Bloomington, IN Primary May 6th, 2014

Be there or be unpatriotic. On May 6th, you get to decide which people within your selected party will go against the selected people from the other party.

Quick poll: Who is your choice for County Recorder? Point being, do you even know who is running or their positions? Doesn’t matter in the primaries this time, as they are both running uncontested (in Bloomington, IN), but the principal stands.

This has been a concern of mine for a while, the going into the voting booth not knowing for whom you’re actually voting,  the voting for someone because you like the sound of their name (I’ve done this) or what their name implies about their ethnicity, gender, etc.

That’s where the idea of came about. Although the site currently focuses on the acts of current federal and state legislators, the goal has always been to focus on local over federal and (hello?) elections, which involve candidates not in office.

Hence, I was thrilled to discover, brought to you by Linda K. Robbins, Monroe County Clerk. Sample ballots page.

The republican ballot only has three contested positions; the democratic, four, but vote anyway. I’m going to start researching my options.



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