“I Have the Touch,” by Peter Gabriel

My favorite line is “The time I like is the rush-hour, ‘Cause I like the rush.” It reminds me of working in restaurant kitchens when there were tickets dangling to the floor and it was nuts and stressful, but you’d see two servers on a collision course and one would lower their tray and the other would raise theirs and they didn’t even notice the near collision. They were both thinking something like, “Next I have to get a dessert out of the fridge and then I have to take it to the table and what was it that table 7C asked for?”, etc. It was magical. The synergy of intensity of the moment. No time to reflect, just keep going.

I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I love that intensity and regularly, consciously or not, put myself in demanding situations. As stressful as it can be, I love pushing my limits, within moderation.

Back to the song, big themes are “wanting contact” and “shaking hands.” To me it’s prescient (1982) about how likes on social media are not the same as face to face.

And then this part,

“Pull my chin, stroke my hair, scratch my nose, hug my knees
Try drink, food, cigarette, tension will not ease
I tap my fingers, fold my arms, breathe in deep, cross my legs
Shrug my shoulders, stretch my back – but nothing seems to please”

Wow. Doesn’t that just get to the heart of the restlessness of this mortal coil?

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