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2Pac on Capitalism and Peace through Strength

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Interesting thoughts from 2Pac in the last months of his life.

It’s all ’bout studyin’ to me. I studied the CIA, America … I hate America for what we did, but I love us for being strong. You gotta do that. So what we don’t got a good image? We’re the strongest motherf—in’ nation. That’s me! That’s me right f—in’ there. I don’t give a f— if you don’t like it! I got the balls. Can’t nobody touch me, won’t nobody rush me. Something we doin’ right. That’s that capitalism sh–. ‘Cause you can feed your kids with that sh–. All that other sh–, you can’t feed your kids with that sh–. (If you) can’t feed your kids, you can’t have a nation. So that’s what’s more important to me.


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